Internationally known for his 'Boi Kala' performance, Eli Buzaglo - a.k.a. 'The Jewish Tenor' 

accompanies the bride and the groom with unique and moving Hebrew renditions to famous songs or his original compositions to Jewish wedding prayers

Check out our 3 video categories below: 'for the bride' - 'for the groom' - 'general ceremonies'

for the Bride:

NEW: Can  You  Feel  The  Love  Tonight

 Boi  Kala  2017 (new version)

Yafa KaLevana

Boi  Kala

Od Ishama  with  Eli's Angels Choir

The  Prayer  (with  Alisa  Sharp)

Boi  Kala  Hallelujah  version

Escheat   Chail  (audio)

Od   Ishama  full  version

Boi  Kala  Hallelujah  full  (audio)

NEW:  Boi  BeShalom  2020

for the Groom:

 Bi   Nishbati

Erev   Shel   Shoshanim


Birchat   Cohanim

Mi  Maamakim  

Sharey  Chupa  (audio)

Mehera  (audio)

Mi   Maamakim  (audio)

Mi  Adir

General Ceremony:

The  Prayer

Ana BeKoah

Jerusalem  of  Gold  (audio)

Ceremony in Venezuela | highlights

Shir   LaMaalot

Im  Eshkaheh   Yerushalaim

7th Blessing (from Sheva Brachot)

HaTikva  (audio)

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